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Plant Parenthood

Plant Parenthood

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Discover the joys of plant parenthood with our comprehensive workshop designed for all indoor plant enthusiasts, be they budding green thumbs or seasoned plant lovers. Experience a revival of the love for houseplants and delve into the wellness benefits they offer.

This workshop covers a holistic range of topics, from selecting the perfect plant that complements your space, to troubleshooting common houseplant issues. You'll develop a thorough understanding of indoor plant care, ensuring your green companions thrive beautifully, even in colder seasons.

With tailored advice from our plant expert, Jeff, you'll gain the confidence and know-how to tend to your plant family effectively. Attendees are encouraged to bring along their plants or photographs for personalized guidance on plant care.

What's more? Along with the invaluable knowledge you'll gain, each attendee will receive a complimentary 4" plant to kickstart or expand their indoor jungle.

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