Plants Alive! hosts Maryland Plant Fest, May 25-26: rare aroids, free event with food, drinks, entertainment.

🌿 Featured Plant Vendors:

Plants Alive! welcomes you as your host, showcasing a heartfelt selection of exquisite plants. Joining us, Ecquagenera (preorder link) delivers exotic varieties directly to your hands. Accompanied by our esteemed plants sale vendors - Cultivate the City, Southern MD Tropicals, Floraesoterika, Gracie's Tropicals, Foliage Fanatics, and Sandi Plants - each brings their distinctive charm and verdant treasures to the event.

🍴 Gourmet Food Delights:

Little Minor Taco
Plant Burger
Ben and Jerry's

🎉 May 26th Makers Market:

The plant fest coincides with our monthly makers market, transforming the day into a bustling hub of creativity with 30 incredible local makers and vendors. This day offers a rich mix of greenery and craftsmanship, ensuring there's something special for everyone.